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H&H Canteens provides canteen management services for more than 120 various sites including primary, secondary schools and various industries throughout Victoria. Each year new schools join our organization, and rightfully so, because with over 20 years of experience under our belts, we know what it takes to succesfully run a canteen!
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This is our newest division, which in the future will present various ranges of gourmet sweet treats. However, to start with, it holds one brand: Bake with Faith. Delicious gourmet dry cookie mixes and wet doughs in colourful packaging; easy to make and easy to bake!
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Stop slaving away in the kitchen 24/7! Just imagine how much time you would save if you didn't have to produce your products yourself anymore. Think of all the time you'd have to promote and sell your product, build relationships with your customers or develop new products. How many more orders would you be able to accept? Allow your food business to grow by outsourcing your food production.
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About H&H Corporation Australia

Established as a partnership between Rudi and Regina Winkler back in 1989 and later on incorporated into a private company, Hungry Hamper Catering was long since known for its reliability, great food and excellent service.

As times changed, the demand for traditional catering changed with it and the second generation Winklers recognized the need to meet the demands of today's marketplace, which ultimately resulted in a complete restructure of the company early 2013.

The focus shifted from service functions to food manufacturing, effectively closing down the
catering division. However, as a result, the new division Food and Kitchen was born, optimally utilizing the state of the art kitchen on site and combining it with decades of experience in the food industry.

The canteen division remained solid as before and another new division, Sweet Treats was added, presenting an exciting, colourful and scrumptious new line of baking products called Bake with Faith.
Since the catering division was now something of the past, it seemed only fit to acquire a new name representing professionalism and the ambition to be the best you can can be, while honouring your roots. We are extremely proud to present H&H Corporation Australia and look forward to being of service to you!